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... its a good time to figure out which changes to make and how to make them. Pretty big task and takes plenty of effort, courage, and commitment even to recognize that there’s an issue or a challenge that needs resolution/exploration. Often, when we confide with our family and friends they will give well-intentioned advice based on their relationship with us. Sometimes these advice may be in conflict with each other further confusing us. That is when therapy can help uncover deep seated root causes and old patterns of thinking that when addressed, can launch you on your way to a much more joyful and happier life journey. Ultimately, the decision to reclaim your life and change it rests upon you and a therapist acts as your guide towards your goals.Experienced counselor available for :-


Sometimes we find ourselves struggling with feelings of loss, lack of motivation and meaning, insecurity, inadequacy, resentments, stress, or/and conflicts. These conditions and feelings coupled with unrealistic expectations we have set for ourselves, our partners and other people around us, end up making a difficult situation even worse. In these times having a mental health professional who is compassionate and knowledgeable can be a big help in navigating through these life challenges. I provide ...



Couples especially when they are still forming a relationship and developing their couple’s identity, may get stuck between conflicting responsibilities, value systems, goals. When needs are unmet it becomes the source of great stress for the couple who may fight about chores, finances, vacation plans, career choices, child-rearing, and even caregiving for their parents, against their particular cultural backdrop. I can help you …



The art and science of developing and nurturing a family fall on every family member-young or old- by actively honoring traditions and rituals; both spoken and unspoken. When this is not done, it leads to family system breakdowns where family members suffer from emotional pain, guilt, shame, anger, resentment, grief, heartbreaks, isolation, alienation, and tremendous stress- sometimes even leading to self-harming behaviors. I can help…

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Whenever you decide its the right time to make any change, big or small, I would like to be part of your journey. I can support you with any of the myriad challenges that confront us all. Examples are seeking work/life balance, addressing parental issues, resolving marital conflicts, understanding and dealing with mood issues, managing to cope with anger and impulse issues, healing from trauma, or improving communication skills. Therapy does not mean many years of exploration in a therapist office.

Most therapeutic work can be achieved in a reasonably short period of time. I love the work I do and it is most rewarding to see the transformation taking place. It is an honor and a pleasure to help you and yours live your most rewarding life possible.

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Let me assist you in creating lasting change!

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